WEMP Women Empowerment Business Accelerator Platform, Columbus Circle, New York City

WEMP to launch a Women Empowerment Business Accelerator Platform

NEW YORK, November 8, 2022 /Newswire Source/ — Women Empowerment Token, Inc (“WEMP Token”) announce a strategic joint partnership with Leaf Capital Partners, LLC.

WEMP and Leaf Capital Partners, a New York financial and business operational family office led by Richard de Lima, announce a partnership collaboration to launch a Women’s Empowerment Business Accelerator Program aimed at overcoming barriers and driving sustainability for women entrepreneurs, startups, and early-growth stage businesses.

WEMP accelerator will have the ability to design and implement customized programs that align with the entrepreneur’s business strategy. The tailored platform will offer access to industry experts, R&D support, capital sponsors that include family offices, venture firms, angels, strategic partners and value-add resources and access to markets worldwide.

Furthermore, the partnership enables WEMP to immediately broaden its capabilities in the digital assets sector, providing women entrepreneurs with groundbreaking innovation that is driven by blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, NFTs, and the evolution of the metaverse.

Forward-Looking Statements

“It’s truly exciting to be part of a life changing project that helps accelerate women owned businesses. It’s no secret that women are less likely to get funded than men. As a female entrepreneur, I have personally felt that struggle and am motivated to help move the needle further for other women in today’s business world.” WEMP founder Christine Curran states.

About Women Empowerment Token, Inc.

WEMP is a community-driven, decentralized luxury DeFi token that uplifts women around the world by providing resources for women entrepreneurs as well as donating to women-centric charities. Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) provides a platform to expose more women to the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. It directly and conveniently provides a tangible solution to aid all women in securing their rightful place in the crypto world and to rejoice in the fact that a token was created in their honor. WEMP is committed to fulfilling its mission and serving its purpose of inspiring the financial advancement of women for years to come.

In Partnership with Leaf Capital Partners leafcapitalpartners.com
Richard de Lima is spearheading this project:

Richard de Lima
President and Chief Investment Officer

A 30-year experienced financial and operational professional underwriting $1.5B+ equity and $250M+ in commercial credit transactions, and 4 startups to successful exits. Today he is the Chief Investment Officer to a Single Family Trust Fund and Portfolio manager and advisor to several investment funds.