"Buried Thoughts" NFT by Alisha Anglin
Buried Thoughts

Created by Alisha Anglin
Original 1/1 Abstract Art using Acrylic on Canvas. Each NFT from this collection that is sold, the physical will be shredded and recycled to allow each piece to live only in the Metaverse.

"Madam Blakerfly" NFT by Mariela Di Nardo
Madam Blakerfly

Created by Mariela Di Nardo
From the deep Magical Forest, emerges MADAM BLAKERFLY as the Butterflies’ Goddess, bringing them Wisdom & Unique Powers to transmute darkness in magic, fear in light & doubts in certainties; a mission to accomplish as long as Humans exist in the 3er. Dimension.

50% of the Profits will be DONATED to @OURrescue to END HUMAN TRAFFICKING.