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Sarah Doyle

After earning my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida International University, I began my career at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. Working in more hospitals over the span of my career, I noticed a startling trend: Patients are frequently sent home from the hospital without knowing the root cause of their illness. They are left feeling frustrated by the myriad of prescription drugs given as a band-aid to cover up their symptoms. But what if this could all be prevented? Always believing that nutrition was paramount to good health, becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner® was the catalyst in the development of a concierge health coaching program for my clients.

I founded SoBe Therapy because I wanted to empower my patients with the knowledge to understand their bodies and teach them how they can strengthen their immunity through functional medicine testing (lab work done at home) and by treating the root cause of their symptoms with good nutrition, detoxing and/or nutraceuticals. As my coaching business grew through my referrals from past client successes, I found that my niche was to help women lose weight, feel better, have increased energy and sex drive. Studies show that your sexual vitality is a huge predictor of your overall health!

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